Thank you for choosing Lou Ann Gems for unique and beautiful handcrafted jewellery.

There are as few tips that I would like to share with you to keep your jewellery looking it’s best for many years to come.

Opals are unique and beautiful gemstones that are also delicate and require special care to keep them in top condition. The opals that I source and cut to use in my creations are Australian solid opals. I do not use treated opals unless specified otherwise.

Please use care when wearing your opal jewellery. Be careful not to knock or bump your stone on any hard surfaces as this can cause the stone to crack or chip. Please remove your opal jewellery when cleaning using harsh chemicals, gardening, physical activity, sports and upon bathing and showering. Also avoid suncreams, body lotions and perfume coming into contact with your opal jewellery. It is best to put your jewellery on after you are dressed and ready for the day. It is ok to get your solid opal jewellery wet, however I do not recommend submerging for long periods.

Your opal jewellery can be cleaned using warm water with a mild detergent and wiping with a soft cloth. Never clean your opal jewellery in ultrasonic jewellery cleaners as the vibrations can cause the opal to crack.

As for keeping your gold and sterling silver jewellery in sparkling condition it is best to follow the care instructions as above. Precious metals can still scratch and tarnish over time with general wear and tear from everyday wearing. You can purchase silver and gold cleaners and polishing cloths from my website or any jewellery supplier.